The Fruit Cure


“The Fruit Cure” – how I healed my daughter’s eczema. It’s a complex guide how to clear eczema naturally by just changing a diet. The change however is quite dramatic as are the results. In the book I share information about what I did in order to reverse my daughters eczema but also a lot of details about nutrition and body functions that I understood during this process. The book will guide by explaining each important part of the diet with it’s relation to healing eczema. Within over 200 pages I gathered few years of my experience that comes from healing my kids. I discovered this miraculous method over a year ago. Since it worked wonders for me and also for many people I have decided to share it with as many people as possible hoping that I can help those who need it.
“A fully raw, lifetime diet is not for everyone, but anyone can certainly replace it for a period of time. To get the most out of it, to heal and get the health back, and to learn how to stay healthy. It is a second chance. Take it.”

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