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STARTS : JUNE 8th /2020

dinners from monday to friday

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Vegan Diet saved my life and my family. Through these classes I want to teach you how simple this can be and what you can do on daily basis to stay happy and healthy 🙂 

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How I Healed My Daughter Eczema

Hey, my name is Ullenka and I am sharing the hope and support for many people around the world that are suffering from modern diseases, often called autoimmune. One of them was my own daughter, yet despite what the doctors were saying, I decided not to give up and finally I have found the way to heal her condition once and for good. This video will show you our story, but if you’d like to learn a little more, please check out my eBook: The Fruit Cure, that not only explains how I did it, but also gives great advice, tips and practical knowledge about fruit and high raw food lifestyle, kids, healing and diet.

Watch video to learn my full story.>>>>

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healing starts within...


used steroid creams


tried alternative methods


changed your diet

medicine only solves the symptoms on the surface. Diet solves the cause.
you can do this by yourself!

DIET is everything

what we eat matters

How diet impacts our health:
  • feeds good bacteria in the gut
  • simple food helps to digest better
  • better digestion means better absoption
  • better absorption means better nutrition


Once you start nourishing your body with healthy plant based foods, the mind will notice a difference. With time it will ask to receive more of the healthy foods and the unhealthy will naturally fade out. This will take patience and time on your part, especially as you start. That’s why it is so important to learn how to make food qiuick and easy, so your lifestyle is sustainable. 

COOK along with ullenka

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everything starts down in our gut. our vitality is based on the variety and number of good healthy bacteria. feed them well!

good bacteria likes good food. It is so simple! your gut will heal on it’s own progressively with time. The key is patience and PERSISTENCE and my role is to teach you how to sustain on the diet that is exactly doing that! 

cooking classes online

DINNER from monday to SUNDAY

cooking can be enjoyable!

- 7 cooking shows
- closed Facebook support group
- how to make healthy dinners from scratch

- produce handling
- how to choose produce, plan and organize meals

LIVE online
cooking classes

JOIN the second edition of  Ullenka’s COOKING CLASS!

You will learn how to make dinners exactly according to this lifestyle and how to mix and match certain foods to make sure you are getting the right nutrition as well as you are not hungry and you know what to eat to feel better and keep healing your body.

You will receive:

  • 7 dinner live cooking shows 
  • each day we will create 1 dinner from scratch
  • each day you will learn many new skills and ideas
  • you will be able to ask questions, make the same food at home as we go, learning by PRACTICE
  • at the end you will have a mini eBook with recipes
  • Facebook group
  • all videos will be recorded for you to access later – in our Facebook group

How to sign up:

  • join by the end of March to receive a workbook and a plan for the workshop
  • by making a purchase you are already in


 This class is meant to be a learning process how to create your VEGAN MENU



I will be your  guide and a teacher. You will learn from practicing along!


Simple recipes that are easy and quick to make. You will enjoy the learning process



Living healthy is not just a diet. We will talk about lifestyle, challenges, habits and more!

Welcome to ...

I recommend this workshop to EVERYONE who is looking for: ideas and recipes, simple solutions, learning how to follow VEGAN LIFESTYLE in a healthy way, the MENU to adopt for themselves or the family. If you struggle with hard to diagnose health problems and nothing seems to help this can be an answer to you after years of struggle. The cooking class will be a complex process of cooking healthy dinners from scratch.

The course will last for 7 consecutive days from Monday to Sunday.  Everyday I anticipate a 1hr cooking show online. During the class:  I will teach you how to cook simple food from scratch, using my quick tips and hacks. You will be able to cook along with me and to learn many valuable tips and ideas that will immediately give you a kick start in your own life! 


I get a lot of feedback that my recipes are not only easy to make, but also quick to prepare and very tasty. And yes, they are, because as a working mom of three I cannot afford cooking complicated things, since I’ve always made food from scratch. So I have found a balance in making short and basic recipes in a delicious and sometimes a bit fancy way 🙂 to make everybody happy. And I want to teach you how it’s done. 

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This is one of the best ways to learn about optimal plant based lifestyle, by practicing we can learn the fastest and apply directly into our life. It is one of the best wats for me to teach you and to share my own experience by demonstrating, experimenting and performing in front of your eyes, LIVE cooking process without editing. 

your part:

  • join the class by signing up below
  • attend online live trainings or watch the replays
  • be present and engage in the trainings

my part:

  • provide the cookbook and menu planner
  • prepare 7 cooking shows online 
  • entertain, motivate and support you during the training sessions

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email me at: if you have any questions

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