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Transition To Healthy Plant Based Diet

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Grain Free Plant Based Diet

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Mucus Free Plant Based Diet

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Level 0: Introduction to the Program

Sample Cook Book

Sample Juice Book

1. Watch Video Lesson

Here is Video for this module. I create these videos to help you get excited and find motivation to continue this process. Things seem hard at times, that’s why I’m here for you. Sometimes you hear me repeat things and that’s great! It means you are making progress. Watch this video as many times as you’d like to keep learning, evolving and progressing. Especially when you feel demotivated, tired or sad. Watch it once again to get back on the road!

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2. Read or Listen

For your convenience you have a choice - read or listen the educational part of our course. I encourage you to do that not only once. From reading we are able to remember just about 10%, unless we begin to teach somebody what we just have learned, changing this number right away to 80-90%! So share those news with family or friends. Take the audio with you and listen on the go, when you are cooking or shopping. Listen to it several times. I put all my heart into creating this program, take it, use it, absorb it!


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3. Prequalifying Documents:

During the program, at this moment you will receive a MENU and Schedule for the next couple of weeks. Since we are not starting the actual diet just yet, I am asking you instead to download and print of fill out electronically those two evaluation documents and email to me. The first one is the Questionnaire that will help me to make sure this program is the right fit for you, as well as to review a lot of important medical informations. The second one, Personal Progress Chart is the tool for you to keep an eye on your overall progress as well as to keep you accountable for doing your part. Please fill them out as soon as you can, before you actually decide upon taking this journey.


Personal Progress Chart

4. Additional Information:

The .pdf documents below contain a very valuable information for you to learn as you go through the course. Each of them is focused on some particular area of learning. Make sure to study them and practice as advised. For example: HERBAL Protocols - use the recipes to buy and make your own teas.

Herbs for Beginners

5. Bonuses:

For those of you who are very curious and hungry to learn as much as they can, here are some extra bonuses. They are as important as the rest of the program, so when you have a chance study them and apply. There is not a single word here that has been put without an intention behind. I am creating this course from my heart and pouring out all the knowledge and experience that you need to follow through. Take it all.

Food Groups

Food Combining

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