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Green Fix Protocol Week2

STEP 1 - watch VIDEO

This video contains instructions for this week, so it is best to start with watching it and taking notes. You can print the WORKBOOK nr 3 now (step3) and take the notes there.

In the video I explain the plan for the week and give my advice about expanding the diet after the first week. This is also a very important part of the cleanse. We just had done a reset in the body, which is why we can’t just start eating the same way as before, especially right away. This would just put us back to the starting line or maybe even made things worse. You know the “jojo” effect, right? My advice is to follow the Menu below – a transition from GF protocol to raw food diet and slowly increase fruit and variety of food in the menu. This will assure a gentle process and much better results. Follow the guideline for best results. You’ve worked so hard to get here, keep it up!​
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download and read WORKBOOK Week3

Your Workbook 3

WORKBOOK this week will help you to learn how to expand your diet from the first week of the cleanse. During the first FAZE we don’t eat almost any fruit and later we add it back on. In the workbook I explain the process and rules, so you can easily transition, every day adding a little bit more. There are exact guidelines for you in it, what to eat and how to do it right. You can print the workbook for taking notes. 


download and read/print
Juices - GF Cleanse W2

Advanced Juices and Smoothes - RECIPES

RECIPES are always a guideline, not a must. But since you are learning and taking small baby steps each day, those recipes are great to start from. You will learn properly to mix and match different components and create yummy but also safe for digestion meals. Especially when it comes to juicing and eating more and more fruit in our diet, we have to be very mindful of what we eat together and when. The most mistakes and problems happen only when someone eats without keeping any rules, because it creates a fermentation and feeds bacteria, making the problem worse. This is what I want to teach you here, so you don’t have to learn on your own mistakes. 

The second week of the cleanse is about introducing more fruit into the diet, so those are additional recipes, that include more fruit and are perfectly suitable for this particular week. Later you can use them too, for your breakfast juices or when you move towards more and more raw diet, you can also make Tham for lunch or dinner, according of course to proper food combining  rules, so you don’t experience any digestive issues. Juices are a high potent drinks and if we will not be mindful while having them every day and often, the detox may become overwhelming. Foods that are not combined well may ferment and cause gas, bloating, indigestion and as a result additional flares. So please again, keep that in mind and just make sure you are following. Good Luck!


download and print Shopping LIST2

Shopping List Cleanse Week2

SHOPPING LIST contains all the produce that is needed for your recipes when you decide to follow the menu EXACTLY like I prepared. However if there are dishes you don’t like or vegetables you cannot have, you are allergic to them or you react badly, please change the recipe accordingly. For example remove tomato from the salad if you can’t have it or change Brussel sprouts for cauliflower if you feel gassy. The best way is to observe our own body and to keep adjusting, because everyone is different.


download and print your MENU2

Green Fix Protocol Week2

MENU Week2 – this is a sample Menu for the second week of our cleanse. In the menu I gave you options that worked many times for me. The dishes are usually simple and quick to make. My kids like it and I like it. However because like I said – everyone is different, you may want to skip this or that and make it your own. And that’s fine, just please check in the workbook for the guideline – what you can add to the menu and when, so you are not making big mistakes. One of the common things is adding back to the menu food that is cooked and starchy, too soon. Try to make all your food with vegetables and fruits only, you can keep eating cooked food, but stay away from starch for a while to keep good results. It really makes a big difference! Good luck and see you on the next Level! 

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