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Bonus Material to Keep You Going



Here are some of the recipes for you with my comments and tips:

In the videos I am showing you how simple the recipes are, with not many ingredients and also with small amount of work. It is important to actually simplify your kitchen and organize the time for prep and cooking, so you don’t stay in the kitchen all day long. You can prepare food in bulk and keep it stored in the refrigerator. 

My videos show few basic recipes, to get started and to learn the simple ways. 

It is all about simplicity and minimalistic solutions, so we do not get caught in complicated recipes and learn how to save time. Find your favorite foods and make dishes with it. Keep the recipe up to 5 ingredients at the time. Make cooking process easy and fun, engage your kids. 

Download Your Bonus Materials

Those are going to help you to move on with raw diet and detoxing. 

Bonus 1

download and follow DETOX chart:

Detox Pyramid

DETOX PYRAMID is a visual way to show you how we move up the triangle when we change our diet. When you see this, you know that you keep away some food groups and you are higher on detoxing level. So this helps to construct the menu in the future whether you want to keep cleansing or you want to take more time to heal slowly and not rush. Some people really take long time to accept raw food diet and it is fine. I always recommend slow approach and gradual change. So follow this chart to keep an eye on your progress. 


download and read about MMS

MMS Protocol 1000

MMS is a solution for bacteria removal. It is very powerful cleanser but not everyone is accepting it, so I never add it into the regular protocol during the course. Rather I share my own experience with using it and how it can help. Best if you go back to video section and watch MMS video, where you can learn how to make it and I tell you the story behind of using it myself and results we have. This chart gives you the basic protocol 1000, to use for pathogen removal. 

Bonus 3

download and apply Raw Menu


Raw Menu is a guide to use when you want to move towards FULLY RAW DIET. This MENU is helping to use the food groups from DETOX PYRAMID to move up and down with detoxing process. Going toward more raw and more fruit we are speeding up, while going towards more vegetables and some cooked food, we slow down. The same process happens when we are already on raw food diet and we begin to eat more fruit and juices, then we speed up again. Learning what food is helping to slow down or to speed up the detox is the key component to balancing with symptoms of detox and experiencing less suffering. 

Bonus 4

download and read about RESOURCES


RESOURCES – it is my recommendation for books to read, websites to check, you tube videos to watch, generally what you can do after the program to keep yourself engaged, motivated and learning. Only when we accept the fast that we dont know everything and we open ourselves to learn, we actually make progress. So those small directions are great for you to check out first and start exploring the healthy plant based diet community with so many things to offer.