1:1 Individual 3 Months Coaching Program

$ 1,499 $ 1,199

  • 3  Months of INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING
  • full access to my online program and ebooks
  • weekly coaching sessions
  • unlimited daily private chat as needed
  • includes: menus, schedules, herbal protocols etc
  • iridology reading
  • personal diagnosis and herbal formulas recommendations (protocol).

One on one coaching is my best option to help you as it is very personalized and also allows me to focus on your individual situation more powerful and deeply, and work on many levels with your specific situation. Each week we will discuss challenges and create a plan for the following week. It allows me to fully support you the best way possible and to give you most of my time. It is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future self will be very thankful for. Those 3 months can change your life and put an end to all the expenses and troubles you have had to go through. This investment will save you money in the future and in the big picture as you will not need doctor visits and medication ever again! The process is a complete transformation, but I need you to be fully committed and ready. That’s why there is a financial commitment there, when it comes to making a commitment to yourself – to do the work and to show up for yourself. My life coach once told me: “People who don’t pay they don’t pay attention” and it is so true from my practice. The best results I see from my clients who commit without a doubt and pay in full, just jump into the process and work hard on their progress. Money is only an exchange of energy between people but it can lock an amount of focus and drive toward the goal to help you achieve it. I can do so much for you as you can follow and put into practice. So – take this as an investment in yourself, a commitment that you won’t walk away from, when things will become a little bit hard. I am here to serve you, but because I truly engage in the relationship with my clients, I can only work with just a few people at a time, so please apply and allow me to respond to you as soon as I have a spot.

If you are on a budget, check out DIY Eczema Program without group or coaching but with all the elements to follow the entire journey at the comfort of you own home and when you have time. You still receive support from me in form of emails.

Eczema Healing Program DIY


I am very dedicated to my 1:1 Clients and during the time of working together me as a Coach and you as a Student, we are going to develop a form of very close relationship, where I will be able to connect with you on a special level, get to know you enough to be able to look through your own eyes on the problem you are about to solve. This way I can truly be in your shoes, walk along your journey, holding your hand, sometimes pulling you up or pushing you through, until we get there….