LIVER Flush with Ullenka - 10 day workshop

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Liver is our biggest filter, the organ that has a personality. When we have digestive problems liver often times is dealing with the same toxins coming back over and over again, floating around the bloodstream. When this happens for too long, our liver gets tired of trying to remove it for the X-ish time and put them on hold, inside the liver there is a storage for toxic waste that seems to be not possible to remove. She protects you from it. But this can be done for some time until… becomes clogged and sluggish from all that baggage.

This is when diet and procedures like flushes or juicing protocols come to play. They help to unblock stagnant liver, help to unload what was there for a very long time and heal. Those protocols as well as herbs are helping with clearing allergies and food intolerances, but the results may come in a while so you’ve got to be patient. We are only rebooting this organ here and helping it to function better. At the same time we clear the stones from gallbladder, that collect over time, when we eat too much greasy and fried foods.

It is recommended to perform LIVER cleanse 4 times minimum to experience visible results. It is a slow proces. Best if we perform cleanses monthly until the stones will stop coming out. They are visible and easy to see, no chance of missing them. The cleanse is really easy but requires discipline and proper preparation. Be responsible and follow the protocol exactly as it says and you are going to be fine.

All detailed information and protocols will be given during the workshop.

It will be a process about 10 days from the beginning to the flush days, Moritz method. It is a method with olive oil and citrus juice. But you can start getting ready next week, so I’ll give you quick instructions. Possibly there is a second date, which we can do 2 weeks later, I wonder if it will not be more convenient for everyone, early April. I adjust it to the moon cycle, which is related to energy, growth cycle, and nature rhythm. During these times, cleaning is easier and you don’t feel it.

Preparation is simple, the diet, then the most important thing will happen on the last week.The group will consist of a series of LIVE meetings with ongoing support. You’ll get PDF materials and informations, just like I always do challenges and workshops. It doesn’t have to be done on a vegan diet, so there is no need to remove the meat from the diet right away, however I will explain things about nutrition and elimination diet how it helps with health issues. On the flush we do other types of changes.

The workshop itself will combine 10 days of meetings, materials from me, email support or chat. The group will be small so that I can help everyone. We will also do meetings via ZOOM on the day of flush to discuss the procedure. On the day of the flush I will be helping more than on other days, to get set with everything properly. 

You will need to buy a few things like good quality oil, epsom salt etc. I will also give this info precisely.

Once you decide to sign up, please email me at and write a few sentences about yourself, what your goal is, how your diet looks like now and whether you have any symptoms etc.