Optimal Diet - Cook Book - Recipes for optimal lifestyle and healing

$ 25

This is not just another casual recipe book. It is a guide for you how to make a lasting change in your diet and life. Because you are here, it means you are looking for solution to some problem and you seek a way to solve that once and for good. Health issues can be very disturbing in our regular life and often not allow to just continue without solving them first. That’s why I put together this eBook with all my favorite recipes, to teach you how you can approach things differently. The key to health is our daily routines, not short “diets”. The real change happens when we permanently replace our habits and adopt healthy practices into our everyday life. But I also understand that we may not be ready to jump straight to easting just fruits and vegetables and it is actually smarter to do it slowly, that’s why I focus a lot on transition time, allowing our body to heal, detox and transform. You don’t have to change everything at once and right away. You can take time. Time is very important part of the transformation. We must take time when we travel from one place to another. This is a journey, just from the old version of you to the new one. A journey of accepting who you are, making observations and learning what your body is telling you. Are you excited??!!!

Inside the book you will find:

  1. Raw and cooked meals, over 60 recipes with pictures!
  2. Sweet recipes, warm bowls, salads, soups and sides.
  3. Advice and Tips on each recipe
  4. Visual guides