Optimal Diet - Food Combining Chart

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FOOD COMBINING It’s a foundation to Raw Food Lifestyle. It’s a basic guideline how to put together a healthy meal, so the digestion goes smoothly and without problems. Coming from standard diet, where everything digests pretty much at similar rate and we barely can see the difference. We eat often and snack in between. This looks like an easier  option, but then that also means our body has no time to properly digest and detox on daily basis, because all it does is to digest most of the time.

While approaching Raw Foods, it is a good idea to learn and follow those rules, to make sure we are not mixing things to cause digestive issues like bloating or gas. The benefit of eating highly raw diet is that the digestion is easier, faster and our body can keep up with daily detox, that occurs naturally, when we allow it.

Learn slowly by practicing and observation how your body reacts after certain foods.