Optimal Diet - Juice Book - Recipes for Smoothies, Juices and Shots

$ 15

Juicing is one of the best ways of delivering to our body extra amount of nutrients and best quality water. Yes, water. This is one of the ingredients we often put aside a bit. We drink water with lemon juice, we drink pure water, but water that was processed by a plant, mineralized and purified is not replaceable with anything else. JUICE is a blood of plants and so crucial for our health, especially now, at the age of processed food. Even just one big green juice a day can bring a massive change, imagine what a diet full of LIVING food and WATER-rich food can do for you!

Our body is made out of 80% or more water itself so we’ve got to eat (yes, chew your smoothies and juices!) foods that have a higher water content, in order to keep moisture in our body and continue daily body processes without removing water from the body and loosing that basic balance.

Inside the book you will find helpful things like:

  1. Juices, shots and smoothies, over 30 recipes with pictures!
  2. Juicer and Blender buying guide
  3.  Tips on each recipe
  4. Visual guides