Juicing Challenge VIP group

$ 100

January 11-21 juicing protocol
November 25 we begin to prepare with the transition diet (cooked food is fine)
January 22-30th coming off juicing.Raw Food lifestyle changed my life and helped me to solve many problems. While following this lifestyle I’ve made many mistakes along the way that you can avoid. I want to share my experience with you if you want to try. This is a short and safe way of fasting but also very powerful. I will help you to prepare, get started and get off the fast.

This project is for you if you want to:
> start NEW YEAR with fresh energy
> improve your health
> learn how to maintain good body weight
> like challenges with support groups
> change your lifestyle but you don’t know where to start
> get rid of pathogens

> no diabetes and not on any meds
> must have slow juicer

I do not recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have good relationship with food, compulsive eating or some habits that you can’t control yet. First work on that. Juicing fast is not the way to fix it. During the fast we must follow the protocol 100%.

I want to invite 20 motivated people to the project.

Why just 20?
I want to be able to work individually with you, lead you step by step and support in a process that is not always easy. That you would feel safe in a small group and at the same time would have the support of people who go through the same path.

My part:

1) juicing protocol – exact recipes for each stage
2) herbal protocol – what herbs to drink along
3) transition diet prior to juicing challenge (recipes)
4) mindset and motivation
5) I will follow the protocol along with the group myself

Participation in the workshops is paid, to motivate you and me. Money is energy, we tend to never speak openly about it but it is a way of exchanging the energy. What you put in what you take out.

The price includes a consultation, protocols, participation in a closed group, my full support during this process.