Set of 4 Smaller Ubowl's by Ullenka

$ 229

Set of 4 Smaller Ubowls by Ullenka
16cm, 18cm, 20cm, 22cm
6.5”  7”  8”  8.5”


Waiting time about 2 months for the order to be shipped, Each UBowl is made out of single piece of solid wood. Each set is made by manual selection from the very beginning to the end. Searching for perfect wood, carving, sanding several times, adding oil and wax layers to protect wood in a natural way, so it does not lose its properties but acquires character, while remaining a beautiful and elegant piece of art. Each set takes many hours of manual work, it is a unique product made with love, I would like you to appreciate and respect your bowls once you purchase them and please take good care of them as instructed.

This Minimalistic and Elegant Set of Wooden Bowls will make your meal time a unique and very special experience. The way they sound and handling them feels natural. The way the food presents in them is so simple yet sophisticated. Strong but naturally light and flawless bowls will become your favorite choice when it comes to having lunch or dinner time.

The idea of creating the Ubowls was born in 2014, when I discovered healing power of plants. Health crisis in my family has given me a new perspective on diet and lifestyle. Over the course of few years we have healed from several serious health challenges and overcame nearly impossible – eczema and autism. This simple change, however that doesn’t mean it was easy and quick, has been the biggest transformation of our lives. We never turned back.

During first years as I was changing my equipment in the kitchen and the way I was doing my shopping, my prep and storage, I started to seek simple and natural solutions around the house in every area.

One day I got an idea that I would love to serve my fruit meals in a very simple but sophisticated way, that I could also do it everywhere I go. I remember how clearly I imagined a plate or rather a simple bowl with straight short walls and completely flat bottom. I wanted it to be made out of one wooden piece. I wanted it to be simple.

I started to visualize and I saw the set of 7 bowls, that one fits into another and they are like a family of bowls. This makes them great serving set for all different parts of the meal for few people. I found a way to make a prototype and it has been very useful since. My set is over 5 years old and still performing great, we love it. It never became outdated, because of it simple design and very practical in using it.

Make your salad, slice your fruit and create your dinner. Comfortable large sized bowls for dinners, with tall edges that hold the food safely. We use them for travelling, in the car, even on the go. They are great to handle some moisture, but I recommend to avoid serving in them things like:

  • hot soups or stews
  • liquid foods

The reason is simple – the bowls are made out of wood and even if it is protected, some moisture will go into the fibers. The more you take care of them the longer they will serve you.

I use mine bowls for serving fruit and salads, dinner dishes such as: buddha bowls, baked vegetables, buckwheat with vegetables, sautéed or steamed vegetables. I do not use those bowls for soups or really hot food. Just so I keep the wood in bets condition. For cleaning I recommend washing shortly in the luke warm water and drying with cotton cloth as soon as you are done with washing. Not stressing about but do not leave it with water inside as this is wood and it will absorb it no matter what. This may cause bending or even cracking. Wood is a natural material that is always “working” and changing. It absorbs moisture and dries out, that’s natural thing and we have to accept some of the natural processes when we make a choice to use natural wooden dishes.