The Fruit Cure IN PRACTICE

$ 20

During years of practicing Raw Food for Healing these eBooks became my best advice I can give you instantly, without spending hours on talking. I wrote them purposely to share my most important tips and advice for someone who just like me starts from the beginning and needs to learn everything all over again.

The Fruit Cure bundle is about raw food diet and my own personal journey with kids, but it has a practical advice that I learned – all the important rules for proper nutrition, digestion, detox, food making, shopping and whatever I though would be useful. It is a bit of reading, over 200 pages, but pictures with keep you entertained and the book is written in a personal way, easy to read (English is not my first language, so I really used simple way to express what I wanted to share). In the second part, The Fruit Cure in practice I put together lots of meals and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also meals for kids with my comments, tips and practical advice, so you learn as you make the recipes.

In case if you are experiencing a healing crisis, maybe not seeing any progress, if  you struggling with stubborn flares or maybe even  going through TSW withdrawal, please check out my signature cleanse protocol Ullenka’s Green Fix. It is another eBook named “GreenFix” you can find here: Ullenka’s GREEN FIX

  1. Study these ebooks and join our Facebook support group, to share your journey and receive even more help
  2. Or check Ullenka’s Eczema Healing Program if you are seeking more support during your journey. Books are great information and source of knowledge, but my experience will make your journey easier and faster. This wasn’t available a while ago, but today you can use my expertise and choose either a group program or 1:1 coaching. There is also a DIY version of my program for Do It Yourself, which is more detailed then books, but less investment than group or individual coaching, while receiving a ready to follow path with instructions, menus, schedules and workbooks etc. You can check my programs here: Eczema Healing Program (GROUP or Mini GROUP) 12 wk Masterclass + 3 eBooks