Ullenka's GREEN FIX (Do It Yourself) + eBook

$ 199

My signature Green Fix cleanse protocol in form of 4 week DIY program with 1 week BONUS !!

This program is a great solution for you, when you struggle with HEALING ECZEMA and experience stubborn DETOX, candida overgrowth, GUT imbalance or when symptoms are not going away for weeks or even worsening. If you already follow a plant based diet for a while and keep your diet clean, but still not seeing results. If you don’t want the FULL Eczema Healing Program, but still need a good piece of advice and support. This is a great way to overcome HEALING CRISIS and move towards rapid healing on clean diet.

This PROGRAM is simply a transition from VEGAN diet through a GREEN RESET (Green Fix Protocol) and helps to adopt high raw vegan diet for healing.

What’s inside:

  • weekly MENUs and shopping LIST
  • RECIPES and video recipes
  • weekly WORKBOOKS
  • weekly VIDEOS
  • my Green Fix eBook
  • 5 weeks email support
  • herbal protocols

Very easy to follow just week by week, when you want more then just my Green Fix eBook and need more structure in the process.
The program will help you to find exactly WHAT TO DO in step by step instructions.