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Getting to Green Fix PROTOCOL

STEP 1 - watch VIDEO nr 2

This video is a precise instruction for this week, so it is best to start with watching it and taking notes. You can print the WORKBOOK nr 2 and take notes there.

WEEK 2 (which is GF protocol week 1) is the first week of the actual cleanse. This means that now we start to follow the MENU, which  you can find below. If you need a couple of days to get ready and prepare better, please do that. You can take few days to organize shopping and prep. To practice some recipes or to try a day from the menu to see how you feel. It is ok to take more time if you need. No rush, better slowly than too fast. In the video I explain exactly how to follow the Green Fix protocol and what to focus on. I suggest to watch or listen to those videos a couple of times and take notes to make sure it is all clear. 

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download and read Week2 Workbook

This Workbook is your GUIDE for week2

WORKBOOK is a guide that will explain many things about the diet and our body, so you can understand how things work and what causes eczema. In the workbook you will find simple explanation how to follow the protocol and what it does. When you understand this process, you will take much more energy to follow. When we understand, we stop feeling resistance and things become very easy. That’s why I will keep reminding you to read and digest what is in those short ebooks, because it really matters. Now go and check it out!  (you can print it to take notes)


download and read this RECIPE BOOK

Here are additional recipes to get you started with the DIET

This RECIPE BOOK is a guide for learning how to make food properly, how to combine natural products together so your digestion is easier and helps to heal. In the book you will find more recipes to pair with the Menu below. I recommend to use those recipes for as young kids as 5-6 years of age, unless they don’t like the vegetables that much, you can keep trying, make recipes yourself and keep offering new foods, until you will find what they like. The same for yourself. Some foods at this point can taste a little bit odd and tasteless, but with time your palet will clean up and you will begin to really like all the natural flavors and crave them more and more. Just start doing recipes daily and practice them first before you actually begin the PROTOCOL. 


download the menu for younger kids

KIDS MENU - for very small kids

KIDS MENU is additionally proposed here for the youngest kids, because they can’t be put on a diet completely without fruit for very long. The older is the child the more you can give them foods from regular menu, but only if they seem to cooperate. We don’t want them to suffer and cry too much, which happens when we take away the foods they used to like and miss. There will be some level of upset, so please be prepared that when you change things there will be resistance. Kids menu helps to change things more slowly and prepare the kids better. Sometimes it is enough to unblock the organs and the body will start working properly without doing the actual green fix protocol. However adding vegetables dishes for dinner, soups, steamed vegetables will really help to slow detoxing down. Alkalizing with vegetables is helping to have less itch, less flares in the evening, So try to balance with the food as best as you can. 


download your Green Fix Menu nr 1

Menu - Week 1 of the GF Protocol

Here is your MENU for the first week of the cleanse, which we will call MENU WEEK 1. This Menu has two parts. First part is from day 1-4, which is a part without FRUIT, except LEMON or LIME. This part if the most important of all the protocol days. That’s why I wanted you to be prepared very well to starting this week and not skipping the preparation week. Jumping suddenly to this MENU without any steps before the cleanse may be too hard for you to follow. Some people do very well on this protocol, do not loose any weight, do not feel hungry and even have more energy. While other people starve, become weak and barely function. The difference is their approach and attitude at the start. Make sure you take this seriously and focus on following the Menu. Everyone who did, saw great results and improvement almost instantly. After 3 days you will notice decrease in inflammation, redness and itch and then usually healing is happening more rapidly and smoothly. Those 3-4 days allow to completely RESTART your immune system and when the protocol is followed  correctly there is always, always great improvement because of that RESTORATION process on cellular level. (you can print it)

Good Luck! 


download Green Fix Shopping List1

Shopping List - Week 1 of the GF Protocol

Shopping list is prepared to buy all the ingredients you need for the recipes from the cleanse. If you will follow the MENU exactly there should be enough of food for 1 person without calorie limitation. However the amount of produce is approximate. You can make your portions bigger and according to your body size and appetite. This course is not a DIET to lose weight, but you may see some decrease of your body weight due to low calorie content in the first week of the program. This is necessary to achieve a result, because we are removing any carbohydrates for few days to weaken bad bacteria and to strengthen the immune system. 


Juices - Cleanse - week 1

Here are recipes for juices for your WEEK 1 of the Green Fix Protocol. These juices are simple, with small amount of ingredients, easy to digest, alkalizing and low carbohydrate, for the purpose of the cleanse. You may feel not very satisfied after drinking them, because they are low calories, but this is only temporary procedure. Later, I recommend these juices to start the day or to end the day, just always being mindful of the food combining, for example: do not drink juices with fruit right before, during or after a cooked meal. 

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