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After GF Protocol and Transition To Rawfood Diet

STEP 1 - watch VIDEO

*Here is a video for WEEK 4. It is a day by day instruction for you to use along with your workbook below. Please watch each BABE STEP as the program unfolds. Just 1 STEP per DAY.

In the video I explain the plan for the week and give my advice about expanding the diet after the second week. This is also a very important part of the cleanse. We just had done a reset in the body, which is why we can’t just start eating the same way as before, especially right away. This would just put us back to the starting line or maybe even made things worse. You know the “jojo” effect, right? My advice is to follow the Menu below – a transition from GF protocol to raw food diet and slowly increase fruit and variety of food in the menu. This will assure a gentle process and much better results. Follow the guideline for best results. You’ve worked so hard to get here, keep it up!

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download your WORKBOOK Week4


WORKBOOK 4 – is going to help you move towards raw food diet and gradually expand our diet in the right direction. The most important thing you achieved is to learn how your body responds to detox and how to control it. Now, you can use the tools and continue until you feel great on mostly raw diet and you can keep healing. Balancing the detox with cooked food is the key to be able to move forward without massive detoxing reactions. They will be and that’s why jumping to raw food diet without taking slow approach is often causing trouble. I am repeating this in few places, so I make sure you will see that and you will consider rather going slow and patiently, to heal faster later.  


download and print this Menu form

Sample Menu form

MENU  now is up to you, since you went through the program and transformation process. You can ether repeat some of the days from second week of the Green Fix Protocol or you can create your own menu based on the rules that you have learned here. You can use the guideline from the TRANSITION MENU 2, which you can find below and also DETOX MENU from the Bonus Week on the next page. Depending on the way you choose to go further (slower or faster) you can either keep going to fully raw diet or maybe keep around transition Menu for a while to make sure you are healing well, or maybe you want to settle down, because you are happy here.  


download and print this shopping list


SHOPPING LIST will help you to stay organized and make sure that you have all you need at home to prepare your food for the next days. I personally shop once a week – big shopping haul – and I have my standard list. Then I do some small shopping in the middle of the week for more greens or things that run out, like tomatoes or herbs, depending on what we are into. Making shopping list for a while will help you to always stay prepared and not loose your focus on the proces. Now you are going to be on your own, so try to keep working on good habits! 


download and print Transition Menu 2

Transition Menu to help you towards RAW DIET and HEALING

TRANSITION MENU 2 is an extra bonus for you to help you on your way to RAW FOOD diet, so you continue on your own but according to some clear guideline. I kept telling you over the last weeks to take time and be patient. I recommend slow and gentle transition from one point to another, so you experience least pain and see most healing. It really matters and I see it in my practice all the time. While you are attempting this MENU the same way as the Transition Menu 1 from the very beginning of the course, I suggest also to read my book The Fruit Cure to learn all the rules about RAW FOOD diet. You can find the book on my website here:

If you ever need more help from me, I invite you to my LIVE workshops and coaching groups. I offer an UPGRADE, which means that the money you have invested in this course counts as a discount for my other coaching groups or courses. You are welcome to choose coaching packages if you ever wanted more personal guidance. Please read about my coaching practice here: 


Thank you for trusting me and choosing one of my courses. I would love to hear from you and your opinion or suggestions about this program, so I can improve. I would love to hear about your journey and progress. I wish you have great results and heal your eczema once and for good! 

If you want to share your thoughts, please email me at ullenka@ullenka.com

Check BONUS WEEK for videos and some more stuff, see you soon! 

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