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Transition To Healthy Plant Based Diet

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Mucus Free Plant Based Diet


Level 1: Mucus Free Plant Based Diet

Cook Book

Juice Book

1. Watch Video Lesson

Here is a Video for Module 3. The video is a short version of the Workbook and explains what you will find in it. While learning new things, we need to hear or read some information a few times before we actually remember it well, that’s why I repeat most important things... 🙂

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2. Read or Listen

Here are the materials for Module 3. Please download them and if you need, you can print some of them, especially charts and journal. Keep track of your meals and observations. Use charts often to get familiar with them, also I am happy to receive your feedback if something needs to be added or adjusted.

OD Workbook 3

OD Workbook 3
(audio) Lesson 1

OD Workbook 3
(audio) Lesson 2

3. Your Menu and Schedule

Here is a Menu for the next stage of your transition. Use this MENU as a template, as I often say that, follow it as a guideline but adjust if you need. The most important is to keep making continuous progress, not just a temporary change. Most programs or diets are usually very strictly designed and right after going through them we fall back to what we used to do. This program is not a diet or a temporary change, it is a HEALING SYSTEM designed to understand how things work and how to listen to our body. This system works on physical level as well as spiritual level, looking at ECZEMA holistically not just as a SYMPTOM as it is usually seen.

Daily Schedule

4. Additional Information:

The .pdf documents below contain a very valuable information for you to learn as you go through the course. Each of them is focused on some particular area of learning. Make sure to study them and practice as advised. For example: HERBAL Protocols - use the recipes to buy and make your own teas.

Mucus Free Foods - 1

Types of Fruit

5. Bonuses:

For those of you who are very curious and hungry to learn as much as they can, here are some extra bonuses. They are as important as the rest of the program, so when you have a chance study them and apply. There is not a single word here that has been put without an intention behind. I am creating this course from my heart and pouring out all the knowledge and experience that you need to follow through. Take it all.

Digestion and Water


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