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Going through Steroid Withdrawal can be even life threatening and sometimes very scary, when you don't know what is happening and facing it alone.

Going through Steroid Withdrawal can be even life threatening and sometimes very scary, when you don’t know what is happening and facing it alone. This was Christy a couple of years ago, when she was struggling while trying to stop using medicine. She couldn’t do it back then, but she took a break and prepared better. This time we connected and I started working with Christy helping her from the diet part and also giving emotional support. I truly always believed she can do this and she did! Watch the VIDEO below to learn about it.

Do steroids help or harm? 

Here is the major problem – we do not understand how steroids really work, just like we don’t understand how medication really works. So easy to use it without realizing how badly we harm the body. 

STEROIDS are suppressing (pushing back) all the symptoms – skin flares, itch, asthma, allergies etc…

What really happens when we use them, they do not allow the body to actually work on the problem at all. Steroids are turning off immune response and instead of taking care of the problem slowly, our body just puts it on hold, collecting toxins in the liver and fat. 

This is Christianne’s transformation over the last 9 months of Topical Steroid Withdrawal supported with the diet and lifestyle adjustments. She did it herself, no doubt about it, but I was with her through that time, when she needed support. I am so proud of her, she finally took a leap that was procrastinating for a long time.

Over the years of taking steroids (creams, injections or inhalers) the problems generally accumulate, even more if we do not pay attention to our diet and lifestyle, but we keep eating foods that cause reactions. At some point the steroids are not enough and our body will stop responding to them. The reason is that the liver is just overloaded and can’t process steroids and toxins anymore. It means that even if we use them, the results are not lasting and are less and less visible, until the body will become completely immune to steroids.

Christianne was at that point of her eczema and could not find the way out of the situation. She had attempted raw diet, reducing steroids and natural methods, but things were too hard. This was the moment when we heard the story about a girl who ended her life because of eczema, which really shook me hard. I wrote a Newsletter to all my viewers to express my deep sadness but also to remind that there is a way! After this Newsletter, many people wrote me back and I started to coach others through 1:1 coaching sessions since. It became my heart driven purpose, because I know I can help.

This is what Christy wrote me back:

The journey through ups and downs has begun. We started to work together. 9 months had passed and few days ago Christy surprised me with a beautiful statement and progress pictures. It made me feel very confident in what I do. That’s why I took a camera and recorded a video to tell you all about it:

Final statement from Christy:

I am so proud of her!!!!

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