My name is Ullenka.
I am Life Transformation Coach, Raw Food Expert and Detox Diet Specialist.

Through many years of practice and experience I have developed my own path to heal from illness to feel great every day. I include dr Robert Morse’s methods, herbs and raw food diet to help you heal chronic conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Digestive Issues, Overweight, Insomnia, Depression and other problems.

In 2014 I have helped my own kids to overcome severe Eczema and also to heal my son from Autism, with our new lifestyle. Me and my husband had put all of our energy into this and with time it became our mission. I started to help others by guiding them through this transformation step by step

I offer: eBooks, courses, live workshops and also private coaching, just to match your preferences how I am able to help you the best way possible.


Just like you I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life. It has shaped me who I am today and I am grateful for each of the experienced that I had, even those hard ones, as those had helped me to grow and change the most. 

I was born in a beautiful region of Poland in the east, where until today the nature stays the most wild and untouched. I’ve always loved to be in the nature and to explore. When I was 5 my parents decided to move onto the coast and I grew up in different environment, highly civilized city vibes. I guess which is why I became quite versatile and love both city and nature.

I am the oldest to my 2 brothers. Our family was very religious as it is our culture, since I was always the curious one, religion as I have seen and observed didn’t make sense to me. I followed the path for a while until at some point I understood there is something beyond the church. Today I don’t associate with structured community although I do believe there is a greater power above it all. I do believe in Love and I know I am guided.

Growing up I went to regular school and ate regular diet, although my mom was making lots of home made goodies. My typical breakfast was french toast or scramble with bread, my typical lunch was sandwiches at school or some potato pancakes or crepes at home (lots of fatty and fried food I ate). We also ate soups, potatoes with meat, pasta and meatballs etc. My dinner used to be rice porridge or sandwiches with ham and cheese, hot dogs etc. When I turned 10 my parents signed me up for music school and I was a very busy child, never had time to play and constantly under a lot of stress and pressure. I had regular classes in the morning and afternoon plus evenings for my music practices. I played oboe. During this time often I ate fast, always on the run, from one school to the other. I remember running to catch the bus with full stomach right after lunch that I ate so quickly and then hurting for hours. My usual snacks were processed foods. The only time I remember eating really well was the summer, when my mom was able to grow lots of her own fruits and vegetables. We’ve been eating very healthy summer through fall.

I was very interested in healthy practices since quite young. When I turned 15 I have noticed that my body has changed, I suddenly was quite chubby! At 170cm I gained to 64kg, which was my weight at full pregnancy with my kids later! My regular weight that my body feels good is 56kg. I also struggled with acne. This was the moment when my path had started. I went vegetarian at first and over the course of few years I’ve been able to balance my weight and my acne went away. I continued eating this way for few years.

After not having much support around my family and friends I slowly went back to eating “normal”.

To make the long story short. The health issues came up again when my daughter was born. At the time my lifestyle and diet continued being regular. I was always a fan of home made food, but never paid attention to some small important details like sugar, oil, salt, yeast, gluten etc. All what we pay attention so much more today. 

Maya’s story is written with details in my book The Fruit Cure, on my blog and I share it often on my Instagram posts. Her eczema slowly opened my eyes and I saw what is really the root cause of that. After we changed everything, literally remodeled our life, things started to shift and change for better. My boys eczema is also gone and my son’s autism is 90% gone and still healing. 

These years of my life were the most challenging, I almost lost all the hope over the years of trying different things and methods. But something inside me has kept me going and back on the path right next day, even if I broke down in tears the night before when Maya was scratching herself to blood again and her skin was oozing, breaking, red and painful. I continued to search for the causes and I have found inspiring people who have helped me to solve this once and for all. And finally I did it! My kids eczema was gone and my life has changed so much! The chains of eczema had been broken. It is hard to even describe how that felt to me, after all these years. Letting go of eczema has been my biggest life achievement. Although I come from background of photography and design, health has become my calling. Privately I was always into fruits and vegetables, always very creative in the kitchen and learned from chefs around the world as I lived in USA, Portugal, Thailand and travelled to many other countries. My friends and family always know me for best salads 🙂 I have been making. I just have the skill of knowing how to put things together. 

My life now feels incredibly beautiful and delicious. It doesn’t mean is perfect or worry free. Not at all, but I feel I am in control. This is different,  even if things are a bit hard, I know what to do every time. I’m now grateful for everything I’ve gone through, because it all has made me who I am today and what I can offer. I am what I do. I breathe and live the life I’ve always wanted. It is so easy today. I feel successful because of the community that surrounds me, the freedom, and who I’m able to serve. 

Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook, or apply to work with me privately here if you’re truly ready to learn the truth and let your eczema go, so you can find freedom in life!