Smash ECZEMA with a hammer!
That’s our newest SLOGAN! What do you think?
Thank you @r.linah_ for the idea. Troy said on our Insta LIVE – smash that like button, smash it with a hammer! Do you remember? And then she wrote me a message that she wants to smash ECZEMA with a hammer 🙂 which really resonates with me!

Ok, back to the CHOCOLATE!!!!
Who doesn’t like chocolate and actually why do we like it?

I love chocolate, but most of the available chocolate cointains (so not wanted!) sugar, even the darkest one. Not to mention the additives and very often milk. What is the most interesting is that any chocolate products for kids contain the most sugar, the most milk and the most additional flavorings and stuff.

We like chocolate because it makes us happy. It causes several chemical reactions in our brain that bring excitement, fixes our mood, create positive feelings. Often chocolate is called “the love drug” because it is able to make us feel similar to falling in love.

There are very few, but they are, companies that make a good quality RAW CHOCOLATE, that contains only few ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter and coconut sugar, sometimes coconut milk. This is the kind of chocolate that I enjoy, not too much, but yes, with a pleasure. However…….


There are some BUTS (not butts) as usuall in those kind ot situations:

First of all – chocolate itself is not really an appriopriate food for kids in the first place. Cacao is a stimulant and unfortunately it is pretty harmful for kids, not allowing for proper growth and development of their inner body systems. It is basically similar to coffee, maybe just less intense.

Second of all – the flavorings and sugars very often cause that kids are becoming addicted to chocolate and don’t want to eat, so we call them picky eaters.

This is how I feel about it and what I think, it might be just a general idea, of course there are many who will disagree with me.

However what I am going to say here is that, I highly recommend to replace chocolate for our children with a great substitute: CAROB.

Here is a very simple recipe to make bars or candy in very short time. Not only quick, but sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and almost unprocessed (dry ingredients and blended only).


All you need:

2 cups dried Mulberries
10 medjol Dates (you can use regular dates, just add more)
2-3 tbsp of Carob powder
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon (optional)
parchement paper for packing if you desire

If you can’t find Mulberries you can use Figs or more Dates, but Mulberries have a very subtle flavor and create a good texture.

The Method:

Process Mulberries in food processor, until they become a corse powder. Add the rest of ingredients and process more, until the mixture becomes a bit sticky. You can add more dates if you wanted to receive more gooey texture. I like when the bar becomes rather firm, so I try to keep the balance between the ingredients.

What I do is I place all of the mixture in a ziplock bag. Then spread evenly but keep the thickness about 1/2 inch. Next – put on one cutting board and press with another one. I actually put it on the ground, place a piece of paper on top and stand on it for a while. Then stick it into the fridge for an hour or so. Slice into bars, cut into cubes, however you like it. We have discovered that packing into single small candy wraps made out of parchement paper is a great idea and kids love that factor a lot. Maya said – there is something about the packaging…

Enjoy and let me know if you made it and how did you like it!

Yours trully, until the last eczema is gone

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