ECZEMA healing stories – ELIZABETH

Everyone, please meet Elizabeth. To see her transformation pictures few days ago, was for me another very happy moment of my life,
and I really wanted to share it with you.
Elizabeth, beautiful transformation.


“Your story inspired me and gave me hope to keep pushing. I just felt so alone because although I knew deep down that fruits were healing,  I had no proof that the fruits would work till I stumbled across your page many months ago!”

– she wrote to me in email.


I am very happy to share this story, to prove again that the power of fruits and veggies is real. But also for the reason that it takes time and patience. For Elizabeth it took almost a year to heal her body from the outside, to clear the skin. But I am pretty sure, just from experience with my kids, that the process of rebuilding intestines is still going on the INSIDE, so to continue with the diet is necessary for a longer while. This is very important to know, that it requires a lot of patience and dedication. The results are coming after a while, not right away, and sometimes it takes months and months…
Here is her original story from Instagram:
“The past year and a half has been the toughest by far- physically, mentally and emotionally. The photo on the left was taken exactly a year ago today on my birthday. My body out of nowhere suddenly erupted with the most severe eczema, my skin was oozing and weeping, covered in fleshy wounds. My eyebrows fell off, my skin would itch furiously, Sudden movements would crack and create more wounds, resulting in the most agonising year and a half of my life. Everything became painful.  I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who vaguely addressed my case and had no answers. Or pumped me full of useless drugs that didn’t help at all. One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life.
I spent hours online trying to find a cure and knew that there had to be some other way.
The photo on the right is me today……..healed. I found true healing through change in diet and herbal medicine. The biggest contributing factor of my healing was a high fruit raw vegan diet. I didn’t become vegan for lifestyle, but for necessity. The raw fruit healed my body from inside out. 🍉🍎🍓🍈🍍🍒🍅🍌🍇🍑
Thank you Elizabeth for sharing such a very important part of your life with the rest of us, to inspire and give hope to  many who struggle or even do not know, that there is a way.
I am certain that your success will bring more stories like that in the future.
Congratulations to you and keep shinning the healthy beautiful you!
Here is link to Elizabeth Instagram account if you wanted to connect with her:
A year ago Elizabeth was going through this change on her own, without much reassurance. Today you have “The Fruit Cure” and the support group of people who are during the process. Today you have ME to always ask a question and to address your concerns or talk to someone who really, truly cares and wants you to get better.
Heal eczema through the power of fruits and vegetables:
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