ECZEMA healing stories – EVELINA SUSANA

ECZEMA healing stories – EVELINA SUSANA:


Hello, Everyone!

Today I will happily share another eczema survivor story, Evelina Susana, who crossed her path with Maya’s journey. She was on her way to healing already and Maya’s story gave her courage to keep going. This is why I want to share this with you today. Maybe you have just started this journey, maybe you are in the middle of the process or maybe you are experiencing the crisis. Maybe you have just found out about it and hesitating or maybe you are reading it and learning it now. For any reasons, it can be very encouraging and motivating. So let’s begin:

Susana shared her story last week on Instagram. I asked her for more pictures to use in this blog, this is what she wrote back to me:

“I tried to find more pictures of me and my eczema, but the truth is that I stayed away from cameras and covered myself with make-up and clothes because I just felt too embarrassed I just wanted to hide away.”

IMG_20141211_065134 IMG_20150210_200614

I know so many of you feels the same way. I remember myself not pointing a camera on Maya too much or from too close, there are not many good pictures or videos we have of her during the most difficult times. I wish I was not ashamed of it, but I have been. I felt that I am not a good mom, I can’t take a good care of my child. I am doing it all wrong. I was blaming myself so much… I know you may feel this way, but here is the thing: accepting the challenge and changing what doesn’t work is the first step. Taking this step and believing in yourself is the most important thing. I know the diet sounds restrictive to some of you, but it will give you a freedom of living and trust me, once you will get on board you will never want to go to the old ways. Positive mindset and making a decision here is going to change your life. YOU CAN DO IT!

Now please read the story of Evelina Susana:

“This may sound stupid to most people, but fruit, out of all things, saved me. If you ever had severe skin problems – you know how hard it really is to live with it. For all of my life, I suffered on and off from terrible eczema from head to toes. My self-esteem? Non-existent. I was constantly afraid of what other people thought of me and my appearance, I would cover my face with layers of makeup and hide my body with lots of clothes. I would buy expensive creams, lotions, pills, and supplements. I would do these crazy diets and cleanses which sometimes involved drinking pure olive oil for days at a time. I did all of these stupid things when in fact all I had to do was stop eating dead foods and start eating the foods that humans are actually designed to eat: fruit and veggies.

When I found Ullenka and read about Maya’s eczema story, I was already on the path to healing. Not fully recovered, but far ahead. I’ve already found the fruity lifestyle back in 2013 and it had started working for me. Still, I felt like I was the only person in the world that was doing this lifestyle and I still occasionally had some small rashes. When Ullenka released her book “The Fruit Cure”, I purchased it right away and read it through and through the same night. The pictures of Maya and her skin was like looking in the mirror – my skin used to look JUST like hers. I felt her pain so deeply within myself. NOBODY deserves eczema. I remember thinking that I would have eczema for all of my life, that it simply was “my punishment in life”. I was a little girl, with her whole life ahead of her, thinking those kinds of insane thoughts. Seeing Maya’s progress just made it click for me – your body CAN HEAL and live the fruity lifestyle is the right way to do it. I implemented some of the strategies in the book and the healing continued. After that, I also fasted for 26 days with supervision, and that also had a big impact on my healing journey. The flare-ups were now gone.


It’s now March of 2016 and I’ve never felt this good in my entire life and I owe most of it to the raw vegan lifestyle. My mind is clear, my body is clean, I can do whatever I want, I’m finally free. Free from pain, free from having to change my sheets every day because I’d been scratching and bleeding in the night. Free from constantly seeking the solution to my problems. It took a while, but I found it and all I know is I don’t want ANYBODY to go through what I went through. If you suffer right now and think that you’ll have to live with eczema for your whole life: You won’t. One day, your skin will look great and life will be awesome and you will smile and not have to wear long-sleeve shirts when it’s 30 degrees outside. I promise.”

“..this is litteraly the BIGGEST papaya I’ve ever seen..”

To find inspiration or to connect with EVELINA, check out her INSTAGRAM account here:

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Hugs to all of you who are in the process. Please be patient. It takes time. Believe in yourself and in your body. It will heal slowly. Just keep going.

Yours trully,


My eBook: THE FRUIT CURE – by purchasing my ebook, you support all my work towards eczema healing awerness. Thank you.

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  1. What a wonderful, amazing story! I’m so glad I found this site. I too have a leaky gut, but I don’t have eczema, but an auto-immune hair disease. I’m getting bold. There’s stuff coming out of my head and it’s suffocating my hair. I’ve searched for answers for almost 6 years and visited many naturopaths and nobody could really help me. I tried the SCD/GAPS diet, but I got worse. Then finally I met a woman who did a 80/10/10 diet herself for her leaky gut. She persuaded me to try it too and I started just 2 months ago, not totally strict yet. I took some cooked foods, soup and sweet potatoes. I’ve made some progress nevertheless. The skin of my face looks much better already … it’s glowing! But thanks to these stories I now understand completely what is the matter with me and what I’ll have to do about it. The spring is coming in this country and then summer, so I’ll be aiming for 100% raw from now on! Thank you all very, very much for sharing these stories! It gives me hope to – one day – get my hair back!

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