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Today I am bringing to you another very beautiful story, by Sarah, who just proved that you should never give up.

Since over two years I am trying to inspire and help people around the world who struggle with eczema. Each day I am getting closer and closer to understanding it. I know that one day I will create a program that will always work 100%. For now I am still finding the missing pieces of a puzzle. This is one of them: VEGETABLE FAST. Thank you Sarah and all of you who helped me to find it.

Here is Sarah story, at the end I will explain details about the FAST.

SARAH last year and NOW:imageFew days ago Sarah posted on Facebook:
I’m writing this post as encouragement for people who are detoxing badly and can’t see the end at this stage and also to remind myself how far I have come because I have a tendency to get discouraged easily.
This time last year I was doing the fully raw diet after having eczema and using steroids for about 6 years, I was detoxing really badly and it lasted for about 5-6months, with the usual symptoms of head to toe weeping, itchy rash, poor sleep and waking up stuck to the sheets.


My family got really worried about me and in the end sent me to a doctor and I was put back onto the steroid creams and a low food chemical diet (salicylates, amines etc) I was sick of fighting by then so I gave up and just ran with it. The diet sucked it was so bland restrictive that I ended up reintroducing animal products which made me feel lazy and sluggish and I started putting on weight that made me feel even worse and eventually when trying to wean off the steroids again I realised that my skin was no better and I felt awful.
Then out of the blue Ullenka contacted me about 2 months ago from a message I had sent her last year that accidentally got missed and asked how I was doing. I have since then re-started the raw diet and this time eased my way in doing 2 weeks of Ullenka’s Green Fix program, following her advise, this helped massively! Fast forward about 6 weeks and I have been eating fruits again and my skin is getting better and better every day! I know I still have several months of mild flares to go but I feel like I’m finally over the hardest part, it will eventually happen and I am starting to see my life without eczema after so many years!

The pics are from when I was detoxing last year and my skin now is 80% clear and while I still have flare ups they are a walk in the park compared to when I was in full detox mode.”image
Thank you Sarah for sharing your story with all of us. I am very excited about your journey and how this has worked for you. It makes me really happy that you are now on the way to complete healing. I know you have put a tremendous amount of work into this and I am sure you have benergy strictly following the rules and listening to your body. It is amazing achievement and you should be very very proud of yourself! I want to share an update about your progress in few months, so please keep me posted again.

Here, let me explain the GREEN FIX puzzle:

Basically it is a period of 2-4 weeks, during which a person should be mostly eating vegetables, following the guidance from my eBook Ullenka’s Green Fix. The purpose is to starve bacteria in the gut and take the “garbage” out of the system first, like gluten, fats, undigested proteins, all what is “floating around” in the body. This way the healing is KICK STARTING and instead of slow and painful detox, the process will be way faster and person will experience much less suffering. It is best to do it at the beginning, before starting The Fruit Cure. Simply because fresh fruit is cleansing very fast and when person has a lot to cleanse, it sometimes may block the kidneys and the liver and the whole process gets stuck.
Once the “garbage” is taken out before the cleanse, the proper Fruit Cure may take place further to continue detox and healing.
Ullenka’s Green Fix should be followed till the point when eczema will calm down visibly, then slowly more fruits can be reintroduced. All that is described with details in my book. This allows lower intestine to heal enough to be able to absorb fructose again. In some cases people become even sensitive to fructose and that’s why healing takes so long. It is a bit different for children, since their condition lasts much shorter and usually damage is not so huge as it is for adults. But I think that it is still worth to do a kids version of the fast as well, shorter and less intense, following their reactions.
In my newest eBook Ullenka’s Green Fix  I wrote with details about FASTING, TRANSITION and EXCERCISE.

While reading my books, please join the group on Facebook (The Fruit Cure), for support and inspiration. I am also happy to answer the questions you may have.

Love you all,
Yours truly, till the last eczema is gone.

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4 thoughts on “ECZEMA healing stories – SARAH”

  1. Your story is very inspiring. Raw vegan will definitely help eczema, and please also watch out for the protein intake. It’s hard to meet the protein and calcium requirements without legumes and rice.

  2. Thank you! I understand. At this moment I’m following this amazing fruit cure for 6 months. I’m still having reactions on my head (it’s like some sort of ‘chewing gum’ is coming out) and hair loss. Would it be a good idea to do more green drinks than perhaps? To clean my house?

  3. What I mean was that VEGETABLES are for doing a good clean up (mainly greens) that’s why it is kick starting the second stage when we introduce fruits again. Let me put it this way. If our body was a house then vegetables are like cleaning service and fruits are more like decorators – furniture, details. Once the body is clean (at least the majority of mess), the fruits are coming to nourish and finish cleanse.

  4. Hi Ullenka, I am amazed! You are a wonderful woman to figure this all out! But I also don’t understand …
    because in my experience, when I started this way of eating, my detox stopped right away whenever I took
    steamed/cooked vegetables. And now you’re saying they help with fast detoxing? It’s a gut bacteria issue?

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