Another FUN idea for PICKY EATERS!

This one is maybe a bit silly, but Troy actually came up with that and I want to share it because it made him go back to eating whole bananas again, that he was avoiding for a while. Smoothies were ok, but not a banana on its own.

fun eating 5

We got this small cooking set with cute pot, spoon, knife and little platter. Troy was in heaven while seating on a table he could watch me prepare food and also “prepare” his own food and eat it using his new toy.

fun eating 4

I sliced him tomatoes, he sprinkled with pink salt and “cooked” them and then put  on a plate and ate happily. He was enjoying the process. I know we do not cook raw vegan meals, but maybe it is actually not so bad idea to pretend cooking and eat still cold and raw fruits or veggies.

fun eating 3

If your child like seeds, then tomatoes taste great with sesame or sunflower. Try different ways to make it fun and enjoyable. Eat it together with them. Let your little one make a meal for you and show him how much you loved it!

fun eating 7

Next morning the “kitchen set” was in bed and actually it was the same at breakfast for three days in a row. Sliced bananas, that he cut himself and “cooked”  haha! He was so happy doing that.fun eating 6

I had to wash the sheets after those three days, but it was so worth it! We had some lady fingers and some regular bananas.
fun eating 8Troy got Maya and Travis interested with the idea and they had breakfast along with him, pretending they are monkeys eating bananas.

fun eating 1 (1)

Later that day Maya has “invented” her favorite dish – small lady fingers with flax and chia. Just simply sliced and sprinkled.

fun eating 2 (1)She got a cool lunch box from our friend and she filled it everyday with something. Kids love nice packages and a pretty container, plate or a cup can make a big difference and actually will help them enjoy their food better. Those are usually not very expensive and once they get to try the food it will create a positive memory for the future. Try it!

fun eating 9

Next day we got some new cool tiny bowls and set with plastic fruits and utensils. Troy couldn’t wait to try it and right away asked for a lot of tomatoes. He ate 5 or 6 small tomatoes (skin removed).
fun eating

Other fruits to try eating this way and easy for kids to cut themselves (you prep bigger pieces, they will cut it into chunks) : watermelon, strawberries, grapes, pears, apples, peaches, cucumbers, papaya, oranges, plums. Probably many kids would like to make salads too 🙂 Try it – you never know!

Another way Troy is really enjoying eating whole fruit is just to scoop them out of the skin by himself – it’s messy but more fun! (ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT’S RIPE AND CHECK IF IT’S SWEET! – kids often decide to not eat if it doesn’t taste sweet enough or looks bad, my kids always watch if it’s not too mushy, not too sour, doesn’t have bruises etc).

fun eating 2

Scooping out a sweet and juicy papaya – he asks sometimes to precut pieces inside with the spoon so it’s easier to pick them up himself.

fun eating 1

Troy is cooping out a juicy mango.

Other fruits great for this: watermelon, soft pears, banana (cut in half), persimmon, cantaloupe etc.


More tips soon – my kids will never run out of the ideas!
LOVE YA! Ullenka ♥

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