The Best (RAW) PoppySeed Cake EVER!!!

Super Delicious Extra Special Yummy PoppySeed CAKE!!!!!!!


Hey Babe!

The last few days has been for me a total hurricane of thoughts. Things sort of have fallen on me and like always I had to face some problems. I have barely got out of the toddler stage with Troy, not quite yet, heading over the teenager or preeteenager stage with Maya, just like that, out of the blue is not an easy one to live through. Aughhhhh….

BUT. I am a girl made of steel and I can. I know I will find a way to turn this problem into something great. I know it has happened for a reason as always. That’s how my life is since I remember.

For now, we are bonging like never, which actually is great. If you are new here, you may not exactly know what I am talking about. You need to head over to my instagram and read few posts back, where I share the story behind the cake. If you have time of course. Anyways. I will keep you guys informed about the progress. There is something amazing that we did together today, but I can’t share this one yet. I hope we will pull this off and bring it to the world very soon.

Let’s go back to the cake, which came out so amazing, I can’t even describe!!!
FYI – cakes like that are not the best FOOD COMBINING, because there is sugar and fat together. Small amount of a cake like that eaten once in a while is ok)

You need:
(approx. amounts, but for raw cakes you don’t need to be so precise)

1/2 pound of Poppy seeds (soaked for 12+ hours in water with a bit of salt)
1/4 cup of Chia seeds (soaked overnight as well)
1/2 lbs of Dates
5-10 dried Figs
1 cup of Walnuts (you can replace with other nuts or seeds if you can’t have walnuts or just skip them)
1-2 cups of dried Mulberries or coconut sugar or both
1/4 cup of raisins
almond extract or vanilla extract (the natural one)
1 fresh coconut (white meat part, but if you dont have you can use coconut milk from a can, however for someone with eczema I would not, maybe making coconut milk from flakes and adding it could work as well).
2tbsp of Coconut Flour
2-3 Tbsp of Raw Coconut Oil (melted by placing a jar in warm water)

Let’s Do It!

1) Poppy Seed Layer in the middle:
Drain Poppy Seeds on a strainer for a while until the water is gone. During soaking I usually rinse the seeds every 4-6 hours, to prevent mold. Remove coconut meat from fresh coconut and place it to a food processor or bender along with drained poppy seeds, soaked chia, coconut meat, 2-4 spoons of Mullberries, make it sweet as you like. Blend it until some poppyseeds will be crushed and the mass becomes sticky and “milky” visibly. Some of the poppy seeds might still be whole while most of them should be crushed. You don’t want a mushy paste though, so do not over do it. Remove to a bowl, add Raisins, Almond Extract, melted coconut oil (you can actually skip that for low fat version) stir well and set aside.

2) Bottom and top crust:
Put into the food processor: the rest of Mulberries first. Blend them into a powder/flour like consistency. Add Dates and Walnuts. Blend until all becomes mixed well, but coarse ground, not mush.

3) Assembling:
Place parchment paper onto a baking dish or a plate with higher edges. Add half of the crust batter, spread and press down, to create a bottom. Pour all of the Poppy Seed mixture, spread evenly and press down. Cover with second layer of the crust, press the same way. Sprinkle with coconut flakes.

Stick it in the refrigerator overnight to harden.

Enjoy a slice the next day, best after breakfast 🙂 with some tea.

Yours Trully

P.S. Oh, almost forgot! One more thing. I did a TASTE TEST with my husband. The cake was actually inspired by a baked poppyseed cake that I got from a friend who uses only organic ingredients and it’s no sugar (they use dates), gluten free. My husband loves it, but when I gave him both to compare, he was so amazed by the raw version, he said that from now on he wants my cake over the one from our friend… Oh, well. Gotta make another one over the weekend!!!

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