TROPICAL FRUIT CURE – part 2 – why Mangosteen is called the Queen of Fruit?

“No other fruit, for me, is so thrillingly, intoxicatingly luscious…I’d rather eat one than a hot fudge sundae, which for a big Ohio boy is saying a lot.” – Raymond Walter Apple, Jr.,  a journalist who said that about MANGOSTEEN in one of his articles.
There is also a story, that Queen Victoria requested that fruit and offered a decent amount of money for the one who will deliver this fruit fresh to her. It is not historically proven, but probably that’s why Mangosteen is called a Queen of fruits.
Mangosteen has nothing to do with MANGO. It is a tropical fruit that looks like a giant berry, and has a hard skin with a little stamp-mark at the blossom end. It tastes a bit like citrus fruits and it’s juicy, sweet’n’sour, with a very fragrant flavor. Tastes like a dessert to me and I usually use it as a form of topping or to eat at the end of the meal. It is hard to compare to any fruit that I used to eat before living in Thailand. Travis however said that it tastes a bit like cherries and he really likes it. Inside those while compartments that look like peeled garlic there are seeds, but usually only one is hard. I eat them and I don’t mind them. The shell is not edible and when it’s soft it is usually a sign that fruit is freshly picked, ripe and should be good. However there is no visible sign on the outside that would guarantee the fruit is not spoiled. All I know, that when I open and I see all white and firm pieces – it’s good. Throw away any fruit with yellowish or brownish parts. It’s not going to taste good.
To open, cut with a knife around, but just the skin, not too deep and open like a little jewelry box. Try it when you have a chance!

The distinctive stamp at the blossom end. Like a little fingerprint.
I am not sure, but I think there is a supplement in form of mangosteen powder, among the superfoods. I have never used one and I am not convinced that it would still had the power that this fruit is known for. Do you guys have any experience with that? I appreciate leaving a comment.
MANGOSTEEN 1If you are able to buy it frozen it would make a great addition to a smoothie in therms of nutrients and the special mangosteen power. It is quite known for it’s high abilities of strengthening immune system. I am not sure about all the benefits yet, but I know it is a very good fruit for healing, anti-inflammatory purposes and cleansing.
By coming here to the tropical area in Thailand, my goal was to get an access to more of natural powers in form of food, that we humans probably used to eat in abundance long time ago before cultivating grains and meat. We left our family, friends, our favorite places, our everything, to be able to use those powers in our favor of rebuilding my kids immune system and digestive system. I have a feeling this is an important part of our journey. Being here my kids are exposed to sun and outdoors much more than Europe and we have an access to many tropical fruits that are not transported, but local. I am still concerned by the pollution in Asia, but being in the city back in Europe it was not much less I guess.
I see the improvement in my kids everyday. I miss my family, friends and places. I miss being among them. I miss so many things being away. But I want to accomplish this and make sure that my kids are going to grow healthy, happy and free of those problems.
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(I promise more parts – to be continued..)
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