Amazing weekend deHappy5 with Annie Jaffrey – a sneak peak before videos!

Hi everyone!

I feels like yesterday that I took HER back to Chiang Mai, when I just now started to sort all the pictures and videos we did together. I miss her already so much. She is a kind of person that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Being around her felt like we know each other for so long. I am talking about one and only Annie Jaffrey that I actually was able to meet here in Thailand.


It was such an amazing moment to see her standing and looking at me when we arrived at Joe Best’s house from in Chiang Mai. She actually looked at me like I was unreal. And I was stoned to see her in real life. Such an exciting moment! Annie kept looking at me and I was looking at her. We started laughing so hard and we instantly bonded. It was mutual and amazing! She spend with my family over 4 days. During that time she helped me with my volunteering project for the kids here at

annie_phrao 21
Annie is making my lunch at Warm Heart Foundation!!!


We also created great videos for you. All coming soon on my and Annie’s You Tube channel:


Annie Jaffrey:

Back in October 2014 Annie has posted Maya’s story and pictures on her Facebook and Instagram, and boy it has spread around, quite viral. Her post on Facebook received over 36.000 likes and 22.000 shares…. people from all over the world started to write to me and many of them have decided to go on the same diet as Maya. I received also a lot of positive feedback from people who either healed their eczema completely or they did a great progress and continuing with the diet.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.55.14 PM

Thank to Annie I was able to reach out to so many parents of little children and also young people who struggle with this condition for years… I am also encouraged by Annie and Joe to write an e-book based on Maya’s treatment to create a guide for people who would like to apply this lifestyle and help themselves the same way as she has. I decided to accept the challenge and I am writing an e-book now.

Joe Best’s house in Chiang Mai is so amazing! He is such a great host too. I love Joe’s personality and hospitality. He has a great sense of humor and is also very professional. We felt there right at home.

annie_phrao 4
Travis and Maya learning something on the computer. Look how Joe is great with the kids!
annie_phrao 2
Making dinner together….


annie_phrao 3
The salad was so amazing!!! Annie created the whole buffet! I just made a dressing.. 🙂

We spent with Annie the most amazing and very busy few days. All is coming in videos soon. Here are some photos:

annie_phrao 10
Hiking at the Bua Tong Waterfalls
annie_phrao 17
Troy was very comfortable on my back for the entire hike.
annie_phrao 15
You could just walk up the waterfalls! Amazing!
annie_phrao 20
Maya at sunset…
annie_phrao 7
Back in Phrao near our place…
annie_phrao 6
Lunch time and raw papaya salad (without the shrimp and fish sauce)
annie_phrao 5
Breakfast at Joe’s house
annie_phrao 1
Big Joe is actually very sensitive and sweetest guy I ever met!
annie_phrao 22
Annie walking at the outback near Warm Heart Foundation.
annie_phrao 12
Mother’s Nature’s playground with Travis, the Jungle Boy.
annie_phrao 11
My three kids



See you on YOU TUBE soon!


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