WHAT’s in OUR FRIDGE right now!?

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Tomorrow is Friday, my favorite day of the entire week ūüôā¬†Yay! What about you?

I don’t know if you are curious or not, but I want to show you what’s in my fridge to give you an idea what is supposed to be there, so you are covered when you become¬†hungry and¬†not to return to old habits because of not having enough of stash. Keep ripe fruit around the house and you are safe. My stash is probably¬†bigger than usual, because I have 5 “fruit-holes” to feed. However even if you don’t use¬†this much, you still need a pretty good supply¬†of ripe fruit at hand.

One more thing: here where I live, in Phrao Thailand, the fruits available on everyday market are LOCAL ONLY with very few exceptions. We have no zucchini at all and only seasonal avocado. Also availability of long regular banana is not so great and there are days when bananas are all over the place and other days when I cannot find a single bunch. Prices are also higher, when there is a little shortage on something. Many popular fruits are not available at all but there are very good local ones instead. I have to admit I miss all kinds of berries, oranges and more variety of melons.

fridge (1)

WHAT’S IN OUR¬†FRIDGE¬†right now :
(approx. amounts on a random day, photo was taken yesterday to be precise):

  1. over 50 ripe bananas (in the fridge keep fresh for longer)
  2. 3.5kg avocados (we have only seasonal deliveries to Phrao, where they do not grow those locally. These are first avocados in 3 months, available only at Monday Market and sometimes even every 2-3 weeks. I get about 4-5 kilos each time, to keep a stash for as long as possible).
  3. 2 watermelons (4-5kg each)
  4. 2 kg mango
  5. 1 young coconut
  6. a bag of fresh soy beans (1kg) – know also as Edamame, it is in season right now, freshly picked from local fields. Super cheap (5Baht) and also yummy snack – just steam for 5 minutes, cool down a bit and pop into your mouth. – I wonder if those are GMO or not? My kids do not eat SOY yet. They were all allergic to soy a while ago, I am not trying yet.
  7. a bag of green leaf lettuce
  8. 2 kg long cucumbers
  9. in the vegetable drawer – carrots, Napa cabbage, kale, sweetheart cabbage, cauliflower, walnuts, green beans, bell peppers, onions
  10. on the door: herbs (celery, cilantro, scallion), ginger, chili, limes, coconut sugar, barley juice powder, ground hemp seeds, self-made war peanut butter (from local smaller peanuts), apples (imported, but Maya really loves them, I get once in a while a little package of Gala), Bok choy cabbage, white mushrooms, 3 sticky corn cobs

On the shelf:

  1. 3kg of rambutan (Troy’s fav)
  2. 2kg of sapodilla (Maya’s fav)
  3. 2kg mangos (Kris’s fav)
  4. 1kg mangosteen (my fav)
  5. a lot of bananas (Travis’s fav)

There is also a table with fruits on the other side of my simple OUTDOOR self-made-temporary-house-kitchen in Thailand with coconuts, pineapples, melons, more watermelons and mangos:

table (1)



Keep fruits at your fingertips, ripe, sweet and ready to eat.

With all my love,

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