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I am self made successful Expert in natural healing of the chronic problems, often seen as untreatable. Currently becoming a trained Detoxification Specialist. I have helped my own kids to heal from ECZEMA as well as my sons’s AUTISM. I can say with full confidence that you can heal what seems impossible, feel and look great!  

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Our modern society suffers from all sorts of symptoms we don’t really understand. Ironically those symptoms usually root in the same cause, that is hidden inside our body but possible to treat naturally with proper diet and lifestyle. While the doctors often tell you they are not possible to cure, standard medication and procedures are only treating the symptoms and bring some temporary relief. The truth is, that doing so is only making them worse, because it’s just pushing the symptoms inside to grow bigger. It is like pretending they don’t exist and waiting for a miracle, while digging our own grave. I can show you a complete different understanding of those problems and give a hope that you also can heal just like I did, by changing the way you think, eat and live every single day. 

Symptoms are a way our body is trying to give us information what is wrong and also trying to remove the problem. It can be as easy as just eating properly and learning good habits, becoming a better version of ourselves and truly happy in our own body, the true only home we have.   

Do You or Your Loved One Suffer From Any Of The Listed Below? 

How Have I Got Rid Of All The Health Issues My Family Used To Deal With? 

Do you find yourself going through a series of cold, flu, runny nose back and forth each winter? Do you feel like the morning headache and afternoon exhaustion are just a part of your life and never go away? Do you struggle with menstrual crumps, back pain, brain fog, depression, feeling constantly tired?

I used to battle all of the above like a never ending story, year after year, never seeing a break from this. My kids would spend 1 week at preschool and 2 weeks at home per month. My drawers were filled with bunch of different remedies and I was going mad trying new procedures and treatments… nothing ever worked and I wasn’t seeing any progress. 

Until one day, back in 2013, when I was at the end of my rope, I have found a community of health makers, fruit eaters, green juice addicts, nature passionates and raw food freaks! Being a bit skeptical at first I decided to give it a try and once I have made a leap, I have finally started to see the change week after week. Being a mother that can’t help their own children was very hard to handle. I really didn’t know what else can I do. So when I have discovered the raw food lifestyle and met people who helped me learn and pursue, my life started to make a sense. 

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  1. Guided Eczema Healing Program – online program with individual coaching, where you receive a support for 3 months of private coaching. I offer you a weekly support and guidance during your transition. My approach is BABY STEP METHOD as I see best results when we don’t change things too suddenly and allow our body to heal slowly and regenerate while healing. Often, many methods are very radical and harsh on the body and can cause much worsening instead of getting better. One of the most common problems during lifestyle change is staying on TRACK and this is when the coaching program really helps, for few reasons. First you stay focused because you commit and you receive a precise guidance to follow between sessions, so you want to stick with the plan, you have me to help you with it. Secondly when you commit and pay your money for help you will listen to every word I say, as this becomes your investment and you want to see something in return. Third: you are not alone in this process, having someone who knows what to do every time and help you to make those decisions wisely and correctly becomes a huge asset and you go with confidence through this path. I highly recommend private coaching to everyone who is struggling in those areas and having a coach will help them to overcome and to move forward, saving time, money and tons of stress. 
  2. DIY Eczema Healing Program (Do It Yourself) + 3 eBooks is a SELF-LEARNING 12 WEEK online Program with email support. You are getting an access to my ONLINE platform with: week by week MENUs, Workbooks, Schedules, Audio and Video trainings, Recipes and my eBooks are also included. The program is broken down to WEEKS and easy to follow step by step. Including the INTRODUCTION module, it is 10 modules together divided into 3 parts. Each module can be followed from 1-3 weeks depending on how fast you progress. You can upgrade from this version to guided Eczema Healing Program if you decide you would like to receive live support (weekly coaching sessions) and even more feedback during the process to speed up your healing journey by one-to-one approach. 
  3. DIY Green Fix Program (Do It Yourself) + GreenFix ebook is a SELF-LEARNING 5 WEEK online Program with 1 month email support. This is the shortest program you can choose, it is for someone who is more advanced in their diet. Either when you already follow a raw diet and things are not working, or when you are in between transition and not sure why you can’t see results, or you are looking for guidance how to change to raw. However if you are still eating processed foods and not vegan yet, I recommend trying full Eczema Healing Program (DIY or GUIDED version), because this will be limited on transition part and you can struggle more later. You are getting an access to Green Fix ONLINE study platform with: week by week MENUs, Workbooks, Schedules, Audio and Video trainings, Recipes and Green Fix eBook is also included. The program is broken down to WEEKS and very easy to follow step by step. It is 4 levels to follow plus the menu to transition BEFORE and AFTER the cleanse, so you can slowly and gradually keep changing the diet and learning. You can upgrade from this version to DIY or Guided Eczema Healing Program if you decide you would like to receive even more support.

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OPTIMAL DIET. During this level we are transitioning to healthy plant based lifestyle. Even if you are eating plant based already, it is going to teach you much important rules and ways that are very often overlooked. Each person needs a slightly different eczema “recipe”, which means that you will learn all the success ingredients here in this program to create your own recipe for your eczema with my help. We will figure this out during the course. This particular part will prepare you for next levels and cleanses in the next parts. I see more and more my clients do way better when we change things slowly and smoothly, that’s why each level of the program has a transition menu to follow week after week.

You don’t have to be fully raw to heal from health issues. That’s big news for everyone who is new to this lifestyle and worries about living on raw foods. There are ways to make nice cooked meals and plenty of food choices, so no need to worry about feeling deprived or missing too much. Inside the course there are books with recipes and ideas to make yummy meals. 

GREEN FIX. This level is all about BODY REGENERATION. We slow down to speed up. This part of the program introduces my signature Ullenka’s Green Fix eczema protocol, which in general is a very simple vegetable fast. That actually means there is food to eat and there is also some cooked food included. The cleanse will help to balans sugar levels, candida, good bacteria, clean GI track and big intestine, but it’s main goal is to reduce inflammation in your body. Most health issues underlying cause is a long term inflammation of the gut. This GREEN RESET is going to boost the immune system. This protocol will help you to break through crisis, especially if you are long-term chronic problem sufferer and you are attempting to heal your problem with a diet but can’t overcome the stubborn flares. It may also help those who jumped straight to raw food diet to heal and feel stuck with too strong detox, because their body is not able to process all the toxins out and it all circles inside creating more and more inflammation and exhausting the body.

This protocol is based on the fact that bad and good bacteria both love sugar, but good bacteria can live off greens without much carbohydrates. While eating a certain way we will deprive bad bacteria of their food and they will simply lower in number, so good flora will flourish and take over the gut. We create a trap for the pathogens and kill them while they are at their weakest stage. This ultimately will lead to speedy healing and recovery. 

THE FRUIT CURE. This level is all about raw food for healing. Some people start raw food diet right away, simply just because they don’t know better at the moment, they want to heal and find relief as soon as possible. You may feel the urge to just plunge into raw diet straight. If your eczema is not severe or when it comes to very young children you may be fine doing so, because high fruit raw food diet is rather safe for cleansing and also powerful for healing. However following a solid period of transition is much smarter and will save you lots of pain down the road. Basically it is like taking the stairs instead of jumping from the window. If you are a long term eczema sufferer and you are not sure whether you can handle such a big change in your diet, then following a transition diet prior to raw is necessary to avoid creating additional problems. That means you start from Optimal Diet and follow protocol Green Fix to finally land in The Fruit Cure part and heal fully there. This doesnt mean you have to follow a strict raw food diet all the time, there is a place for warm and comfort foods, but I want to teach you how to balance between detox, healthy diet and every day life. 

Many people are afraid of RAW DIET, because it sounds so unfamiliar and even scary. We grew up eating warm comforting foods mostly and many of us can’t imagine eating this way. I grew up in Eastern Europe and I know how it’s  like to have winter for most of the year and feel cold. But it is easier than you think and for sure doable by making smart choices and using special techniques.

What’s inside (technically: 

There are 3 Levels in this course and each of them contains 3 Modules, so it is 9 Modules together plus 1 opening Module 0 – an introduction. 

Per each module there is one motivational video, a workbook (.pdf or audio to choose), recipes, program videos, charts, herbs to support and more. During group program I take 1 week for each Module, to introduce it and to follow the transition, as each module is slightly changing our path, taking us further into the detoxing. You can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for each module, depending on personal situation and how your body responds. If the healing is taking longer, there is nothing we can do but be patient and keep going. You take each module individually and follow the guidance. I am here to support you. 

You can choose to follow the program on your own and sign up for DIY automated version but if you feel you may need more support then I can offer during the group program, you may choose to apply for individual coaching. If you were interested please fill out the application here:


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Coaching Program

3 months individual guidance
$ 1199
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  • 12  weeks online program
  • weekly 1:1 coaching calls
  • online self-learning platform
  • 10 workbooks and schedules
  • 9 menus, recipe books and recipe videos
  • Motivation, daily support and weekly progress 
  • My personal support throughout the program and after 

Full Program

12 weeks transformation
$ 399
00 1 payment
  • 12  weeks online program
  • online self-learning platform
  • 10 workbooks and schedules
  • Menus, recipe books and recipe videos
  • e-maill support
  • Ullenka's all eBooks included: Optimal Diet, The Fruit Cure, Green Fix


4 weeks cleanse
$ 199
  • 4 weeks online program
  • online self-learning platform
  • 4 workbooks and schedules
  • e-mail support
  • menus, recipe books and recipe videos
  • pdf, audio and video files
  • Ullenka's eBook included: Green Fix

Are you sick and tired of :

constant itch and scratching to blood

not knowing what to do anymore

greasy ointments and creams

infections on the skin

sudden flare ups that are very stressful and happen out of nowhere

low self esteem

trying different diets that don’t work

feeling tired and trapped

feeling alone, helpless or even depressed

This program will give you:

simple and natural methods, simple solutions

symptoms going away without the need of medication

enjoying the smooth skin again

permanent results if the rules of the diet are respected long therm

relief from constant agony and struggle

feeling happy again

being able to live normally and function easily

high levels of energy

lots of other symptoms gone (migraines, stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety, acne)

overall health improvement

rejuvenation of the body and looking younger and healthier in the long run

AnD many many more...


Yes, in the book there are a lot of stories about my kids and how I implemented the diet myself. I give many examples over the whole book, also about other practical things. One of the tricks to teach kids eating healthy is when we take them outside for some activity. Simply take only fruits and veggies with you, so there is limited choice, but take some that they already like. First of all eat them yourself (if it doesn’t work at first, just keep doing it). When kids are hungry and outdoors, their instincts kick in and they may like to have some with you, as there is no other choice and secondly everything tastes better OUTSIDE. However: FRUIT MUST BE RIPE and SWEET, not mushy, not looking bad. Those things matter at first a lot. My kids would not eat it, if fruit is damaged, smashed, has brown spots etc. But do not comment on your child’s choices, do not try to convince, do not push, rather show then tell. Just offer and step back if they refuse, do not make a big deal out of it either. Wait till he is hungry. Travis was almost starving himself when we first begun vegetarian diet, he wasn’t eating much for the first 3 days. Just looking at the rest of the family. By the third day he has found new things he likes and he was completely fine.

Everyone is different. For some people it takes months to transition, to drop their habits mostly, to learn new foods, new recipes, to get used to it. Other people just change right away, as it is easier for them, they don’t like to slowly change things and choose more radical change. It depends on the type of the person you are. But when there is a health issue on the line it is actually best to switch without too long transition, just easier for the body to start healing sooner without loosing any more time. However at the same time it is important to approach a period of detox to reduce the inflammation before actually we can begin eating a lot of fresh fruits for further healing. Some health problems require the need to avoid sugar, even the best kind and natural one from fruit, just because of the chance of feeding pathogens in the body and making matter worse. This situation is specifically addressed by my newest program: Ullenka’s Green Fix.

Not really, but eating a lot of raw cauliflower or broccoli may be hard for digestion. Then it might slow this process a bit. I suggest eating only broccoli or cauliflower tops shredded into salads or smoothies, no raw stems until further into the diet. 

First of all, let me tell you this – For a short period of time, even a couple of years, our body has enough storage of some things that is able to survive without any harm. 

Second – you can always keep testing your son’s blood every 3-6 months to make sure you are doing ok. 

Third – ongoing eczema is more harmful then any poor diet because parasites are eating all the nutrients, so the body is usually malnourished in the first place.

Fourth – most of the “scary” stories come from people who were either not able to manage this diet properly, or failed many times, or just use their failure as a bunch of excuses to feel better about it

Cronometer is prepared for standard diet nutrition. It is very different on raw vegan, for example – body fueled by raw foods doesn’t need that much calcium, because it will not use it to alkalize the body, because diet is already alkaline. VItamin D only right source is SUN, ignore Cronometer, that is counting artificial vitamin D fortified into milk and processed foods. The same with B12.  Once person is eating raw foods, B12 bacteria has good conditions to produce B12 in the amount the body needs. Raw vegan doesn’t need to supplement B12, however if you test once in a while and supplement some B12, that’s ok. When you eat some cooked foods every day, you may want to supplement b12, but it is not always necessary. I suggest testing it regularly. All micronutrients will be absorbed much better when body is receiving a daily sun exposure, exercise, good hydration and much needed love and peace. So far I see my kids have great amino acids levels, great b12, most minerals, some are a tiny bit lower then norm, but my kids are also still detoxing and healing. Only fully healthy body will be 100% on exact levels.